Charles Ives

You may not have heard of Charles Ives. (1875-1954). Ives was an American composer. One day he heard two marching bands converge during a civic event. They were playing in different marches in different keys and the musical effect of their convergence excited him and opened his mind to the[…]

What’s the Worship Like?

Are you wondering what our worship is like? That’s a perfectly valid question, particularly if you are looking for a church, but if you’re only thinking in terms of the style of our services, then please allow me to broaden and deepen your understanding of what worship really is and[…]

Palm Sunday Rap

Way, way back many centuries ago, not long after the gospels began, Jesus lived in the land of Israel, a fine example of the perfect man, Romans were the rulers, the Jews wanted them gone, To take back control, to be stable and strong. They looked for a Messiah, so[…]

Who am I?

I am a Christian, that is my identity, Jesus is the center and the focus of my life, so I am committed to Christianity, I am of course committed to the church that together with the Deacon’s and Church members I serve as the Minister. But in this moment, when[…]


The following is the text of the Easter Sunday Morning Service Sermon. This is holy week, when we walk with Jesus through the events of the last week before his crucifixion and resurrection. I was reading a theologians’ blog recently about the resurrection and people were able to leave their[…]

Words from the Cross

I have been requested to put these words on the blog section of the website, each talk is based  on Jesus words from the cross, I hope they are helpful to you. “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” (Lk. 23:34). How much did they really[…]

Living Life to the Full in Lent

“So what are you giving up for Lent?” someone asked me with just that touch of implied censure that indicated I might be falling behind in the holier than thou stakes. In one of those rare moments of inspiration I flashed back: “Dieting.” Traditionally during lent people have given up some luxury[…]

A Taxing Time for the Inland Revenue

Today I tried to call the Inland Revenue, I had to go through a long automated menu system and after twenty minutes, the line simply went dead, and I pay about twenty percent tax. By contrast Google, who are believed pay something in the region of three percent tax have[…]

Ex Tory M.P. Says Capitalism is Failing

The fifth of January this year was a special day? Why? Because it was the day by which a top 100 chief executive would have earned as much as the average worker in their firm would bring home in a year. Ever helpful and moderate, (I’m being ironic), someone from[…]

Why Do We Remember?

Sometimes people struggle with Remembrance Sunday for all sorts of different reasons. For some people it can be uncomfortable because they see it as a glorification of war. For others it’s hard to relate to because they have not lost a loved one and wonder why we should be making[…]