Disclosure And Barring Check

We all share the responsibility for promoting the welfare of children. As you will be aware the church has a Safeguarding Policy in place, which requires members of the congregation who work with children or vulnerable adults within the church, to have a Disclosure and Barring Check undertaken.

If this applies to you and it is longer than five years since your last check was carried out or you have never had a check completed by the church you need to apply.

This can be done online by following the link below

The organisation is BAP273 and the organisation password is BAPTIST273

Once you have completed the online form you need to contact Alison Shipley (01536 233469), who will arrange a mutually convenient time to check your documentation.

If you do not wish to apply on line please contact Alison who will provide you with an application form.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact Alison.

We would be grateful if you could be proactive in ensuring your clearance is in line with the current church policy.