A Better Answer

Perhaps, like me, you often think of a better comment you might have made some time after the event. In the following incident I am talking years, and not just a few. Quite some time ago I was with a smallish group of people at a Bible Study. I have[…]

The Numbers Game

Those that know me are aware that I much prefer working with letters in all kinds of ways rather than with numbers but this time I turn my attention to numbers. In recent times it would seem that many became almost obsessed with numbers, especially statistics. Dare I suggest the[…]

Hello from Guinebor!

Dear Church Partners I am happy to let you know that we arrived safely at Guinebor hospital in the early hours of this morning! Once again, thank you for your ongoing support during what has been an unsettling, rollercoaster of a 6 months. I continue to pray for you as[…]

Return to Guinebor ll

Dear Friends Thank you so much for all your support, prayers, messages, calls, cards and gifts over the last few weeks. They have really encouraged us after having had to leave Chad so soon after we arrived. We just wanted to update you a little on what will be happening[…]

Update on Travel Plans

Dear Church Partners Yet another travel update from me! Over the weekend it transpired that to be deemed “fully vaccinated”, you need to be at least 14 days post your second covid vaccine.  As I wrote below, we were all planning to leave for Paris on 14th June and had tickets[…]