I Wish…

These two words together must be amongst those most used by children. There cannot be many who have not used them, such as ” I wish I had got a bike”, “I wish I didn’t have to go to school” – really, the list is endless. I remember my own[…]

Torn Between Two Lovers

“Torn between two lovers, feelin’ like a fool, lovin’ both of you is breakin’ all the rules”  sung by Mary Macgregor 1976 Many moons ago, in the days of black and white films, a film was released (1945) that even today it is rated amongst one of the enduring classics[…]

Is It Me?

Quite some years ago I used to enjoy the late Terry Wogan’s breakfast programme on Radio 2. His easy style and gentle wit combined with a keen and perceptive understanding of people in general. I never heard, or saw, him raise his voice in anger yet he had a way[…]

Five Invitations

Five invitations I apologise for the fact that I am not about to invite you to five gatherings. This title comes from a book I am currently working my way through. I put it this way, rather than saying I am reading it, because it is not an easy read.[…]

Black and White

Asking the question, “Is it black or is it white”, is asking about polar opposites and frequently the answer may be that it is neither,  it is somewhere in between. This will mean any shade at all on that spectrum which puts me in mind of the recent book made[…]

Knock Three Times

When I was a young lassie there was a song in the pop charts which was played, and sung, a lot. This was not because it’s words were profound or it’s music exceptional but rather because it was one of those rather banal records, with a catchy tune and nursery[…]

When Should You?

I should begin by saying that what follows is merely the scribblings of some of the thoughts floating around inside my head this morning. You are invited to examine them critically against your own understanding of Scripture. My thoughts took an unexpected turn into the realm of forgiveness and the[…]

Courage Brother

Several weeks ago I was flicking through the pages of  the Radio Times to choose an article to read when I happened to stop at the page written by the Sports journalist. About to turn over, the text caught my eye and he quoting the late author, Ernest Hemingway, on[…]

A Mug’s Game

We had a good chuckle recently when it was Hubert’s birthday. One of his presents was a mug, and on it were the words ‘YOU DON’T SCARE ME, I’VE GOT TWO DAUGHTERS’. It may be, like us, you have an assorted collection of mugs accumulated over the years and at[…]

Watch where you tread!

I wonder what image you conjured up when you read this title, I hope you didn’t think this was going to be piece about doggie mishaps, if so, wrong; or perhaps you thought of the old saying ‘fools rush in where in angels fear to tread’. Well, that could apply[…]