A Mug’s Game

We had a good chuckle recently when it was Hubert’s birthday. One of his presents was a mug, and on it were the words ‘YOU DON’T SCARE ME, I’VE GOT TWO DAUGHTERS’. It may be, like us, you have an assorted collection of mugs accumulated over the years and at[…]

Watch where you tread!

I wonder what image you conjured up when you read this title, I hope you didn’t think this was going to be piece about doggie mishaps, if so, wrong; or perhaps you thought of the old saying ‘fools rush in where in angels fear to tread’. Well, that could apply[…]

Hunt The Church

We are currently watching the television programme A Vicar’s Life. A vicar who features prominently in the programme is shown at the beginning of each programme declaring forcefully “people do not go to church any more in this country”. Well, we know that he is generalising but I wish his[…]

Turkey Curry

No prizes for guessing that I am writing this after eating a very good Christmas Day lunch several days ago, courtesy of our elder daughter who has been married for long enough to have got it down to a fine art. She was taught, of course, by her mother. It[…]

Hearing Voices

Ever had a tune stuck in your head? The tune and or words just keep going round on a loop inside your head. Maybe they go away for a short while then up it all starts again. You’re fed up of hearing it yet don’t seem to be able to switch[…]

Got It Made?

A few weeks ago I received one of those amusing round robin emails. It was a story about a young man called Tom who had his eye on a rather attractive young woman. He manages to strike up a conversation with her and in his efforts to try and secure[…]

Getting up close

There was a woman who went out walking She loved to do some stalking She might have got nearer And seen much clearer If only she had just shut up talking.  I have an email friend who lives in Plymouth. We met up some years ago on the Saga Zone[…]

Mirror, Mirror

Some years ago whilst visiting family in Wyoming, I was browsing one those shops filled with many items aimed at the present-giving, souvenir customer. Not that, I hasten to add, all quality goods which the Americans excel at. Looking through some smallish tapestry cushions primarily designed for display I came[…]

Read the Instructions

There are so many times that we have laughed and laughed or got frustrated and grumbled when we could not get things to go as they should. I think we are far from being alone in this. It can happen with trying to assemble flat pack furniture, cooking ready prepared[…]


There is a well known saying that goes ‘Love means never having to say you are sorry’. The premise behind this that is there is genuine love between people then you can take for granted that each party will understand and forgive. You could turn that around and say that[…]