What Can You See?

I was recently looking at a cartoon which depicted two cleaning ladies together with heir mops and buckets. It seemed that they were cleaners for the BBC and were reading a staff notice board. One was making a comment on the salaries of the company executives to the effect that they[…]

Oh Crumbs!

I remember when I was giving a lecture once to a group of students in the mid-nineties. My subject on this particular course was the legal component and I was talking about the risk of making assumptions. As I am hard of hearing myself, I used the example of a[…]

How Dare You!

Amongst the younger population (as well as a few older ones who maybe like to be considered ‘with it’) that goes “How very dare you”. That said, phrases do get picked up and become more widely used. I have always heard it in the context that indicates that the speaker was perhaps not one[…]

There Is Many A Slip…….!

I have always had the ability to gather and store sayings and proverbs, a fair percentage of which have been handed down to me via my Mum. Whether this is really useful I am not sure, perhaps sometimes it is useful as they can be based on experience and aimed[…]

Unwanted Bedfellows

(No, this is definitely not risqué in any way – it is ‘U’ rated!) Watching Countdown recently, the guest in Dictionary Corner told this true story. Apparently a chap took his almost full-grown python to the vet who asked him to talk through his regime, at the end of which the[…]

The Big Fat Pigeon

If you are like us, you will often look out of your window and see at least one very large pigeon waddling around. We have a bird table, with feeders, which attracts many different birds to our garden. A little while ago we bought a new bird table as the old one[…]