Holiday Club


Holiday Club

Each year the church runs a holiday club for a week during the summer holidays for around 50 children.  Details of one of our Holiday Clubs is below.

Holiday Club 2015 – Polar Explorers

The Polar Explorers theme for the Holiday Club was a big hit with both our local children and our church children. There was an average of 37 children between the ages of 5 and 11, who attended the morning sessions. Many of the children shared facts about the Polar Regions with us and some even brought in toy polar bears and penguins.

The programme was based on the Scripture Union materials and consisted of  small group ‘chats’ and prayers and up-front presentations including a Panto-type event called THE ICE ADVENTURE which the children were delighted to boo  and cheer. Of course, we included lots of action songs and healthy snacks. The traditional team games were lots of fun and the pre-prepared craft work went down a treat.

The finale of the programme was the Sunday morning service run by the children.  At least ten of the children persuaded their parents to come and see them act, read and sing.  It was satisfying to see some of the children take home bibles and leaflets about ‘Jesus and me — friends’.

The helpers rest in the knowledge that they have furthered the Kingdom of God in a meaningful way for both adults and children. We look forward to seeing what God will do in their lives in the future.