Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

It’s harder than you think this blogging business.

I thought that I’d be topical this week and write about the controversy of the two British Citizens killed in the Middle East who were actively working with ISIS.

I started writing, I was going to shock and amaze you all with my dazzling intellect and forensic legal and ethical analysis.

And then the kids saw it, oh Dad, you’re not being boring again are you, I know you are a vicar and that’s what you’re supposed to do, but can’t you write something interesting?

(Apologies  to all my Anglican colleagues,  my children use the generic term for clerics and Jezz the rector here is an excellent communicator whose parish magazine article made me laugh a lot and made me think).

I had to admit that the kids had a good point, in trying to write a blog I had written an essay; whilst it was very worthy, well-argued and all that, it would have cured a chronic insomniac. (If you are having trouble sleeping I will gladly lend it to you).

But then in writing about the issues of that difficult episode that has been so much in the news, I was reminded of someone who teaches us a valuable lesson.

The lady in question was an ardent pacifist. She was absolutely passionate about peace. But her uncompromising and forthright way of expressing herself was famous throughout the community. In her defence of peace-making she took no prisoners at all. She used all the ammunition at her disposal slaying everyone who dared to venture a different opinion.

I once heard a retired Major General say:

“Never mind the SAS old chap, we should send her into the Middle East, she’d absolutely terrify the enemy, more lethal and effective than a nuclear bomb that one.”

Such was her reputation for ferociously promoting peace that at social gatherings people would sometimes click their heals in Germanic fashion after she had delivered a particularly cutting pronouncement and stalked off bristling with righteous indignation.

And the moral of the story is, being a Christian is like writing a blog, it’s harder than you think; it’s quite hard not to be a living contradiction. We need the help of The Holy Spirit and I am often driven to my knees by my own inability to be consistent.

And so now, gentle readers, dearly beloved; we close with a prayer:

Lord, give me the grace to practice what I preach, to live what I believe, give me the gift of patience with others, AND GIVE IT TO ME NOW! Amen.


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