Loving to Learn – Learning to Love

Loving to Learn – Learning to Love

Being a Christian is all about LOVING TO LEARN AND LEARNING TO LOVE. I love to learn about Jesus, he fascinates me, inspires me, and sometimes confounds me, but always draws me to himself. I love learning about God’s people as well, whether in the past or the present.

I am learning, and there is so much to learn. Firstly, there are all the new faces and the relationships, who is related to who, and who does what within the church, I’m learning but bear with me because it will take time and I can be a bit slow.

I’m learning where people live and where different places round here are located. I’m learning how to edit and change websites, (wow – Jeff is a real wizard and we will miss you when you go), this is something I have never done before but I am loving it.

I am learning about the services, the different types of service and the music within them. (Thank you Avis and Steve, Nigel and Sue and others too numerous to name or mention, I would be lost without you and the kind and generous help you are giving me). I am a musician and have taught brass players and conducted and trained brass bands. I have experience of playing in symphony orchestras and am steeped in the brass band tradition usually working with ex-military and ex-orchestral musicians and brass teachers, I have played in pit orchestras for both musical theatre and for operas. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a very great deal to learn. I have never sung in a choir before and I am a complete and total novice, so I am learning a whole new musical language. I have been to two choir rehearsals and I am loving it, loving the new way of making music, and the lovely way that people interact with one another, but I’m out of my familiar comfort zone, so bear with me because as I said before, I can be a bit slow and I’m only just beginning to “get it.” (Thank you to Derek for guiding me through the maze of the cantata as I learn).

I’m looking forward to getting to know the music group, learning what songs you know, how you work together and how I can fit in and be most helpful to you, but once again, I’ll be new and there will be much for me to learn.

I’m learning what is on during the week and where and when it happens, but remember, I’m new to all this and as I said before, I can be a bit slow, so bear with me as I assimilate the information and get around to meet as many people in as many places as it’s possible to do without meeting myself coming back in the other direction.

I’m looking forward to involvement with house groups and youth groups, exercise groups and the fellowship cafe, (what great coffee, thank you Pam!).

Even at home, I’m learning, learning which drawers in the kitchen have what in them,  re-learning my very basic D.I.Y skills, (I know that this may come as a huge shock to you all, but some ministers have very limited D.I.Y Skills), and I’m marvelling at the skills of Mick and Elaine who are amazing. (Thank you so much Mick and Elaine, without you we would be in chaos).

In fact there is so much to learn about, so many things and people that it’s impossible to list them all. And in case you hadn’t got them point yet, did I mention that I can be a bit slow? So do bear with me.

Thank you for calling me and inviting Sarah and the children to be a part of your church family which is rapidly becoming our church family. We are making the adjustments needed in a big move, getting ourselves sorted out in the Manse, and we are learning, so bear with us as we settle in, adjust and learn from you all, we will make mistakes and get things wrong, but underneath it all we will love you and serve you and become part of the family here.

I am looking forward to sharing life’s journey with you, laughing with you, (hopefully a lot!), crying with you in those moments of loss or crisis and sharing my love of Jesus and his teaching with you. As we all LOVE TO LEARN AND LEARN TO LOVE, God will be with us by his Spirit and we will grow together.

With much love to you all,


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