Travel Plans

Travel Plans

Dear Church Partners

I hope you are well and enjoying being able to be out and about more with the easing of restrictions.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support of me and the whole team of national and international staff at Guinebor II (G2) hospital.  Things in Chad are tense but calm right now and have been for several weeks.  The UK foreign office no longer advises all British nationals to leave the country and their Chad travel advice is now back to its usual level.

As a result of all this, plans are afoot for me (and my BMS colleagues Brian & Jackie Chilvers who work at G2 and Mark & Andrea Hotchkin who work in the north of the country) to travel back to Chad.  Chad still has the covid travel ban in place though, restricting travel direct from the UK to Chad.  We can enter Chad if we spend 2 weeks in another country that’s not on Chad’s banned list (which comprises the UK and South Africa although it recently had India added to it).  Another complication is that the Chilvers and I all need Chad visas and they can’t be obtained in the UK, because there’s no Chad Embassy here.  So, our plan is to travel to Paris on 7th June, do all the necessary paperwork for our visas while there and then travel to Chad at the end of June.

The fact that France is currently on the UK’s ‘amber list’ for travel doesn’t impact us really, as we’re not intending to come back to the UK.

We will have to self-isolate for a week on arrival in France and do another covid PCR test at the end of the 7 days.  I am getting pretty accustomed to covid isolations and PCR tests!

I am holding all these plans very lightly as in current times, plans change frequently and often last-minute!  I would appreciate your prayers that all our plans would work out for the best, that we will obtain visas without hindrance (there’s the possibility that it could get complicated) and that we will be able to travel to Chad and restart our lives there at the end of June.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing prayers and support  for me, the hospital and the country of Chad



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