Update from Claire Bedford

Update from Claire Bedford

Dear Church Partners,

You should have received information direct from BMS regarding the current situation in Chad.  All British BMS personnel working in Chad are now in the UK.  Please find some prayer points below to help direct your prayers for this concerning and evolving situation.

  • pray for peace and stability to reign in Chad. A military transition council has been put in place following the death of the president, the leader of which is one of his sons. Not everyone is happy about this. Pray for wisdom for Chad’s leaders, opposition parties and the general population as they navigate these first few weeks after the president’s death, still with the ongoing potential rebel threat
  • pray for Guinebor hospital, patient numbers are lower right now due to Ramadan and also the recent events in the country. Pray for Kalbassou (BMS-supported international mission worker) as he continues to lead the hospital and the Chadian staff and for Allain (the Chadian hospital administrator) as he supports Kalbassou in this. Pray for safety for staff and patients as they come and go from the hospital and that people will be able to access healthcare if they need to
  • pray for the British members of the Chad BMS team, and others, who have had to leave Chad suddenly, uprooting our lives with, in some cases, only a few hours notice. Pray for us as we work through all the emotions this brings and as we transition to life in our passport countries. Pray that Brian and Jackie Chilvers and I may be able to return to Chad soon and for all the paperwork we’ll need to have done to do this (the two British families at the hospital with BMS were due on home assignment soon anyway and so will stay in the UK to do this as planned)

Thank you once again for your ongoing support



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