Update from Claire Bedford

Update from Claire Bedford

Dear Church Partners,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.  Given that it’s almost a month now since my email below, I thought I would update you.

Unfortunately, I’m still in the UK.  The airport in N’Djamena actually re-opened on 14th January, however the ban on travellers from the UK and South Africa entering Chad remains (this is due to the new covid variants).  So I have as yet been unable to return to my desert home.  How long this ban will remain in place for is unknown and so I will remain in the UK until it is revoked.

To add to the complication, my Chad visa expires on Friday 5th February.  So this will add another layer of complexity to me returning.  It is not insurmountable but will likely delay my return further.

I am continuing to stay at my parents’ home in Devon and am grateful that I have this place to stay.  I am in regular contact with other members of the senior management team (SMT) at the hospital and doing what I can to support them from afar.  I am also using the time to try and learn some more Chadian Arabic, something that often gets side-lined when I’m in Chad.

As frustrating as I’m finding this current situation, I know I will return to Chad in God’s perfect timing.

I appreciate your ongoing prayers as I navigate the uncertainty of when I’ll return to Chad.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you once again for your support and prayers.


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