Update on Travel Plans

Update on Travel Plans

Dear Church Partners

Yet another travel update from me!

Over the weekend it transpired that to be deemed “fully vaccinated”, you need to be at least 14 days post your second covid vaccine.  As I wrote below, we were all planning to leave for Paris on 14th June and had tickets rearranged.  However, my second covid vaccine was on 1st June and so I’ll only be 13 days post second dose on 14th June.  This means I can’t travel with the Hotchkins and Chilvers to Paris (they are all past the 14 days).  So yet again my ticket to Paris has been changed, this time to 16th June.  I really hope this is the last twist in the journey to France, but one never knows in the current climate of international travel.

I’m grateful for your ongoing prayers and support, thank you

God bless


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