New BMS Missionaries

New BMS Missionaries

BMS asked if we would be willing to support another couple of missionaries going to Chad, alongside Claire Bedford.

Brian and Jackie Chilvers are both nurses and have worked in the NHS since qualifying in 1991.Jackie is a school health nurse by background and more recently has managed school nurse teams. Brian is an emergency nurse practitioner, working in minor injury units and GP practice. Brian is hoping to use his specialist nursing skills to see and treat patients at Guinebor 11. Jackie is hoping to understand more about health nees in the area and work with others to implement public health projects in the community. At the same time they hope to share God’s love with the Chadian people.

At the moment Jackie and Brian are in France where they were at language school before going to Chad, but due to coved 19 are in lockdown there.

Please pray for them at this time of lockdown and help them with their language studies when  school reopens.

Pray that they will be able to adapt to the new and very different culture. Pray that they will make progress with the language, to be effective in their work and witness. Pray for them as they adjust to a new very hot climate. Pray for Brian, Jackie, their grown up children, parents and wider family as they learn to “be family” long distance.

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