The Known & Unknown Folk

The Known & Unknown Folk

I keep on getting emails suggesting that by paying £4 a month, I can pre-pay for my funeral, whenever that may be. In the advert is a picture of a family taking a ‘selfie’ and really enjoying it. What are they celebrating I ask? Is it the passing of dear old Grandad? Perhaps he has left them all a big inheritance, and they are rejoicing at his generosity! Is there some other hidden meaning?

This led me to think about the numbers of folk who are hidden and work behind the scenes, keeping the life of our Church going. I know Pat edits the church magazine but who does the mind-bending job of folding the pages (Pun!!) and putting them together? I haven’t a clue who organises the stewards and the coffee rotas. I ought to know, but I have no idea of who is involved in running our youth clubs.

Then there are those whom we know who do things yet rarely get much appreciation. We always have such a wonderful display of flowers. There is always someone to play the organ. The loud-speaker system is powered up. We always get a welcome when we come into Church. Visiting preachers have been booked and briefed.

Our Deacons, and especially Nigel, have served us well during the interregnum. They have carried off the difficult task of making decisions on our behalf not according to their own likes and dislikes, but for what they saw as the greater good of the Church. They have spent much time and not a little anxious thought on our behalf. Bravo!!!  As a brief addition, I pay my personal appreciation of Stewart Jenkins’ ministry among us. I have sat amazed and been greatly blessed by his originality and his clarity, for which I praise God. Neither do I neglect to give Him thanks for those who minister to me week after Week, whether I have mentioned them here, or they remain incognito.


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