How do they……?

How do they……?

“There are more questions than answers….” was the opening line of a popular song recorded by Johnny Nash in my much younger days – as always, if you are interested just Google or go to Youtube. The song continues thus “….and the more that I find out the less I know”. Nowadays most of the programmes I watch are quite informative, usually but not always, intentionally. I am am finding it to be true, the more that I learn the more I realise that there is an incalculable amount that I do not know. Take this example:

How do they do that? I was watching a television programme recently which showed pictures of a rather pretty moth which lived in an extremely cold climate. It was explained that when the temperature dropped below freezing, the moth had the ability to convert a substance within itself using glucose. This then acted in the insect’s body in a similar way to a car’s anti-freeze. Marvellous.

They are not the only species to be able to produce physiological changes to suit a change in circumstance. For example the stoat changes the brown summer coat to a white winter one in order to blend with snow. The chameleon changes colour too. These are just some examples. A scientist make explain this phenomena as down to evolution so why do we need to make external clothes clothes to keep warm? No other species has to do this, a man may never shave in his life but his hair will never keep him warm. It would be foolish to deny an evolutionary theory since this can be demonstrably seen to occur in both animals and in man. People are generally taller now than they were (not me!). Dietary changes, including quantity, have led to changes in body shape. Research shows that the use of computers and calculators change the brain patterns. Labour saving devices, the motor car have both served to make us less stronger and fitter. We still cannot fully explain how the pyramids were built, or Stonehenge although we may speculate and try to recreate. It is said that today we only utilise a small part of the brain’s capacity, how come? Even in the 1940’s and 50’s teachers were lamenting the decline in academic standards. That generation did not, for example produce the exquisite embroidery samplers that earlier girls had. Today’s youngsters cannot do the mental arithmetic calculations that my generation can. It is said that many of the brightest and best were killed during the First World War, exacerbated by the Second thus diluting the gene pool. Again probably only a partial explanation.

There are more questions than answers, and the more that I find out the less I know.  How do they do that….? I have to say that at the end of the day, evolution answers various questions but to my mind they are the smaller questions, it does not provide a satisfactory explanation to the big ones – only the Bible does this.


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