I Wish…

I Wish…

These two words together must be amongst those most used by children. There cannot be many who have not used them, such as ” I wish I had got a bike”, “I wish I didn’t have to go to school” – really, the list is endless. I remember my own children, often coming to me with their wishes. One day I replied, “if wishes were fishes, there would be an awful smell in here”. I thought to myself what a good answer it was, and it did make the point, however, I was not the only genius around because I had heard it used a good few times since!

Psalm 84 is a good example of the psalmist’s wishing but here, as throughout the Bible, different words are used. The  desire is to be with God and he writes, “I’d rather be a doorkeeper and only stay a day, than live the life of a sinner and have to stay away….My heart is longing and weary, the courts of the Lord to see”. Other alternative words are used rather that the word ‘wish’. I must try and find out it’s origins.

The scriptures tell us that there is nothing new under the sun, even in those long ago days. I do hope you not about to say, “well, what about microwaves then?! That would be to misunderstand the Scripture which is much more concerned about human behaviour. Man’s inhumanity to man goes right back to early time, the greed, the lying, the cheating and stealing; not to forget the wars and diabolical torture, it was ever thus.

It is Good Friday as I write, and my mind wanders to the thoughts of the scene in the Garden of Gethsamene, picturing the scene of Christ. He knew what lay ahead for him and he prayed to the Father, a kind of a wish some might call it, saying in effect I don’t want to do this but if you say I must then I will. Obedience of the Son to the Father, even unto death.

So I wonder what you would most wish for, here and now. I wish and pray that the life, the works and the love of Jesus will continue to spread through the world and that more people can know the joy that knowing Jesus can bring the the true meaning of Christmas and of the Easter Resurrection. That the world can learn to live in harmony. This side of the judgement it would not seem possible but it is not harmful to anybody to wish for it, and to pray for it.


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