Is It Me?

Is It Me?

Quite some years ago I used to enjoy the late Terry Wogan’s breakfast programme on Radio 2. His easy style and gentle wit combined with a keen and perceptive understanding of people in general. I never heard, or saw, him raise his voice in anger yet he had a way of conveying his feelings after some discussion or other with words that became one of his catch phrases, “is it me?” In other words, am I alone in not understanding the reason or situation?

I digress for a moment to tell of an occasion. At that time I was working in Northampton, driving in from Kettering listening to Terry’s programme. I had come off the A45 slip road to enter the town via the big Bedford Rd roundabout and was stationary, waiting for the traffic lights change. Just at that moment Terry chose to make one his hilarious comments and I could not stop myself sitting nearly doubled up with laughter. Fortunately I had just about regained my composure by the time the times changed. How I miss those  shows that made the morning commute bearable. Thankfully I no longer have reason to commute anywhere.

However, back to my thread which concerns modern Christian music written, in the main during the last ten or twenty years or so. Some very good hymns and worship/songs have been written at all times through the years but it does seem to me that of late some writers have produced material that seems more about making the music contemporary and appealing rather worshipping, glorifying God and sharing the good news. When I was in my thirties and forties, it was apparent that worship and spreading the good news needed to reflect the changing times and so I fully understand that it is still true today. Some of the new material then was very good with a clear expression of Scripture and that is still true in this age.

As a regular watcher of Songs of Praise,  I find myself saying what my Dad used to say about Top of the Pops (grumble), it all sounds the same. Singing the same few lines over and over does not make the content any better. If anything it can make it seem rather self indulgent, designed to make the singer feel good the priority rather than pleasing God with our worship and praise. I still say as I did years ago, that any instrument is acceptable to God, we see this is so in the pages of Scripture, it is the words and meaning that we need to be mindful of as well as not making it sound like pop music, it should still be sacred worship.

Perhaps I am turning into a grumpy old lady. Is it me?


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