Is That Bad Or Sad?

Is That Bad Or Sad?

Passing by a group of chaps having a discussion, I overheard one say, “they reckon if you want to meet famous people, you should join Alcoholics Anonymous”. A whole range of thoughts went through my mind. For example, that could easily be a joke made up by some stand-up comedian. If that were true it would be a bad reflection on those famous people, although overwhelmingly my thought was that if that were true then it is very sad. Sad that so many folks who mostly have quite a lot of money, and the things it can buy, end up unable to stop themselves drinking far far too much. Although of course, some prefer street drugs and some go for both. The pathway of stardom is littered with the famous names of those whose lives were wrecked, often at a relatively young age. I think that is both bad and sad.

However, my purpose here is not to analyse the reasons or suggest answers but merely to share with you the comment I heard. Whether you reflect on it is your choice, just like those I have referred too made their choice, or did they? Will it make you think, or not – that choice is definitely yours.


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