Should We Wash Our Hands or Roll Up Our Sleeves?

The thing about being a Christian is that it’s all about Jesus. That may sound rather obvious, but sometimes it seems that it’s easy not to make the connection. Jesus was of course once a refugee. Perhaps these days he might be called an economic migrant, it’s highly likely because[…]

Loving to Learn – Learning to Love

Being a Christian is all about LOVING TO LEARN AND LEARNING TO LOVE. I love to learn about Jesus, he fascinates me, inspires me, and sometimes confounds me, but always draws me to himself. I love learning about God’s people as well, whether in the past or the present. I[…]

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

It’s harder than you think this blogging business. I thought that I’d be topical this week and write about the controversy of the two British Citizens killed in the Middle East who were actively working with ISIS. I started writing, I was going to shock and amaze you all with[…]