New BMS Missionaries

BMS asked if we would be willing to support another couple of missionaries going to Chad, alongside Claire Bedford. Brian and Jackie Chilvers are both nurses and have worked in the NHS since qualifying in 1991.Jackie is a school health nurse by background and more recently has managed school nurse[…]

Current situation in Chad regarding coronavirus

Dear Church partners, Greetings from a very hot Chad!  I hope you’re all doing ok under the current unprecedented circumstances you find yourselves in. I wanted to update you all on the situation regarding coronavirus in Chad, as some of you have been kindly in touch asking me. Over the[…]

A different perspective on Coronavirus

It feels like we’ve been watching the world for a few weeks – seeing the numbers rise, the distancing measures put in place, the lack of basic foods on the shelves… But within the last few days the first case of COVID-19 has now been confirmed in Mozambique. We’ve had[…]