Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Hello everyone,

This is the latest Covid-19 update from Burton Latimer Baptist Church as of 2nd July 2020.

While Churches are theoretically able to open from this Sunday, 5th of July, in practice we have to ensure that we can adequately exercise our duty of care to our congregation by ensuring that everyone is kept as safe as is humanly possible.

With this in mind, we are getting our water systems checked for legionaries disease before re-opening the building. When we do re-open which we hope will be in the near future, we will be observing 2-metre social distancing, and we will not be able to engage in communal singing. I will ensure that you are updated via Facebook as soon as we know that we are ready to re-open in accordance with all of the most stringent safety standards as recommended by the Government, the Church of England and the Methodist Church guidelines in the U.K. (The Baptist Union has provided no resources).

Even when we do re-open, we understand that not everyone will feel safe to return to being physically present at our services and so we will continue to provide online content as we are doing at the moment.

If you are aware of people in the congregation who do not have access to Facebook or this website, please ring them and make them aware of this announcement.

With much love to you all, and with every blessing,


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