Travel Plans Update

Travel Plans Update

Dear Church Partners

I hope this finds you well and enjoying some sunshine!

I wanted to update you on my travel plans.  As I said in my previous email (below), I was holding all the plans lightly as they tend to change frequently.  Not much more than 24 hours after I sent the email below, France declared that they were going to add more restrictions on travel from the UK, due to the Delta (Indian-origin) covid variant.  The result has been that from 31st May, UK nationals travelling from the UK to France have to have an ‘essential reason’ to travel to France.  There’s a special document you have to fill out which lists all their ‘essential reasons’ and we don’t fall into any of them.  This has therefore thrown our plans up in the air again.  We currently have a formal request in at the French Embassy in London, outlining our reasons for wanting to enter France.  They have said we’ll have a response by the middle of next week.  So, this means that we can’t fly to France on 7th June as planned.  We are tentatively planning to travel to France on 14th June, in the hope that next week the French Embassy grant us special permission to travel to France.

I’d really appreciate your prayers for peace and enduring patience, both of which I am struggling with!  And that somehow the 5 of us (me, Brian & Jackie Chilvers and Mark & Andrea Hotchkin) will get back to Chad at some point soon-ish. Please also pray that the Chadian-imposed travel ban from the UK direct to Chad would be lifted as essentially, it’s this ban that’s the cause of all our travel issues.

On the plus side, I’ve managed to have both covid vaccinations since being back, for which I am really grateful.

I’ll be in touch again once there’s more news.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support



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