A Better Answer

A Better Answer

Perhaps, like me, you often think of a better comment you might have made some time after the event. In the following incident I am talking years, and not just a few.

Quite some time ago I was with a smallish group of people at a Bible Study. I have no idea now what the discussion topic was but I recall a lady, who had been widowed some years previous, saying the first thing she would do when she got to heaven would be to rush to her beloved husband. She added that she knew she ought to run to Jesus but her need to see her husband was her absolute priority. In fairness, I will say that this lady was, at this point, still badly locked in the grieving phase of her loss.

Something recently reminded me of this as did, after all these years, a more appropriate response than the almost speechless response at that time. Maybe it we should have gently remind her that it might not necessarily be an option open to us on arrival. We do not what know the exact circumstances will be but it could be that our loving God and Creator will want to see us first. Perhaps a better answer is that we must wait and see. Isn’t that after all what we always told our own children?


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