Bitter Sweet Success!

Bitter Sweet Success!

Sometimes there are small successes amongst things that are not going so well. Take, for example, our raspberries. We bought two pots each with five canes from a Garden Centre I won’t name. They were different varieties with the intention of having some summer ones and later summer ones. They were planted out promptly with all the right care and attention but, much to our disappointment, two of them failed to do anything at all and then two which had started to make progress failed. One of them for sure had a virus and had to be oiked out at once.

However, we are now the proud recipients of two canes which have a handful of raspberries on the old wood planted. They have also produced new canes. Hubert netted the fruiting canes to keep off the birds and the other day he brought in a few red berries which we immediately popped into our mouths. I commented that mine was nice but a little on the sharp side. Therefore we had canes that had failed, success with some that are fruiting albeit slightly bitter! Having cogitated a bit I thought of two reasons for the bitterness; firstly maybe they needed leaving on just a little longer – perhaps we were a bit too keen. Secondly, related to the last, maybe they would be better off in a position which gets full sun all day but unfortunately the potatoes occupy that spot each alternate year. We are happy that we have seen fruits of our labours, more of Hubert’s labour than my own. Touch of the Parable of the Sower comes to mind here failure in some instances but also success in the right conditions.

It seems that whether or not things are success can be down to attitude and how people measure success. Think of the many people who have had worldwide fame and a very healthy bank balance, can that be a success if it brings about their destruction? Alternatively, if not destruction, they find it brings very little happiness; I am sure you can think of plenty of examples. Bitter sweet success.


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