Comfort Blanket

Comfort Blanket

The phrase ‘comfort blanket’ was originally used to describe a child’s favourite blanket that they liked to cuddle or carry around with them as a soother and generally they did not like to be parted from it. Taken away or lost would trigger much crying and lamenting. These days the usage has broadened; for instance, I guess, some people regard their mobile phone rather in the same way. Apparently surveys have shown that many have a real panic attack if they are without for whatever reason.

The other day, having read something about the comfort that words of Scripture can give, I thought about the truth of that. Sometimes, the words or sentiment are also expressed in the words of our hymns or worship songs. Quite some years ago now, I remember an older member of my then church tutting after the service because we sung a modern worship song which I recall was ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God’. In her view it had no place in a worship service, we should sing ‘proper’ hymns based on Scripture. I knew this lady well enough to gently remind her that the very title formed a well known passage in Matthew’s gospel. She took my words well, though whether it made any difference to her thoughts well, I suspect not – not at that point anyway.

I have my own favourite passages and Psalms in the Scriptures, far too many to list but if I were asked Psalm 27 and 115 would be two. The mention of the apostle Paul sometimes provokes negative expressions from some and I think of the lady who used the word ‘arrogant’. However, for me, he is a source of great inspiration in both his words, teaching and the way he lived his life. He talks about his hopes and ambitions, it is evident where his priority lay which was making the gospel known to as many as possible by whatever means. Paul describes himself as not very good looking, diffident when he has to meet people although he says he can express himself best through writing. There is certainly plenty of his works for us to read.

In this way, words of Scripture are a comfort blanket, a blanket which I would not want to be without, would you? Have your blanket always and never bury your head under the duvet!


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